Christmas Survival Guide: 12 top tips for eating well over Christmas

There are twelve days of Christmas (traditionally anyway!) and so here are my 12 top tips for eating well over Christmas.  Not rules or restrictions – just some friendly guidelines that you can use to gently support you through this time. Christmas should be about fun, connection, making memories, caring, tradition.  Not worrying about food.  […]

How Can a Nutritionist Help Me?

We have all probably heard of the word Nutritionist and have an understanding that they are someone we would talk to about food, but often people don’t really know what a nutritionist does and if they need a Nutritionist to help them in their lives.  If you are asking – how can a nutritionist help […]

What is Compassionate Mind Training?

So many of us struggle with self- criticism and just not feeling good enough.  Often, we can feel managing difficult emotions is too hard, so we just push them away and try to ignore them.  I see how this impacts my clients, often causing them to turn to food for distraction or relief and this […]

How to Eat Well for Menopause

Picture of persons chest in white tshirt holding a small redd heart shaped toy

Food to flourish in menopause      There is a lot of talk of brain fog and hot flushes when we discuss menopause, which is fair enough, as these can really impact on a women’s life, but we don’t always talk about some of the side effects of menopause that can’t be felt or seen […]

What are the Symptoms of PCOS?

A picture of the uterus, with a focus on the ovaries. The artist has used flowers and craft materials to make the picture. Uterus is pink and white and lays on a blue background

What is PCOS? Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a reproductive condition that is thought to affect 5-10% of women and it is estimated that it impacts approximately 116 million women worldwide1.  It can be a complex condition that can feel difficult to understand and often there is little support offered to those that receive […]

Signs your healthy eating plan is actually a Diet in Disguise.

Because diet providers are getting smart to the ‘Anti Diet’ wave that has become more popular, there is now a risk that you are being sold a diet in disguise.  A diet may be sold to you as a ‘Healthy Eating plan’ or ‘a lifestyle’ and they will claim it’s not a diet, but the […]

Is Intermittent Fasting Safe?

Intermittent fasting is a dietary approach that involves cycling between periods of fasting and eating. It has gained popularity for potential health benefits, such as weight loss and cellular repair. Common intermittent diet regimes include 5:2 or 16:8 But does it stand up to the hype?   Intermittent fasting and cell renewal The research on […]

How can I stay on track with my weight loss goals at Christmas?

Christmas is coming and some of you may not be filled with Christmas cheer as you worry about how you will navigate the lack of routine, changes in the way you may eat, delicious foods that may be on your ‘naughty list’ are everywhere, all of which leads to a feeling of dread and panic […]

What is the Best Diet for Health?

I write this at a time where many of you may have been bombarded with different post Christmas diets, all claiming to be the miracle cure to reduce your weight, cure your illness and detox your body.  You may be confused, which one is best, worried about why you don’t seem to have the willpower […]

Is a Vegan Diet Always Healthy?

This month sees the return of Veganuary and its popularity is growing.  Over 580,000 people chose to take up the challenge in 2021 and this number is set to increase this year. The results from the Veganuary survey showed that more than half of those involved took part for ethical reasons, either to protect the […]