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Join the 8-week Compassionate Mind Training programme for a calm, compassionate, and confident you. 

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Improve your body image

Repair your relationship with food

Reduce critical self talk

Reduce emotional eating

Hannah Weinhold-Course 1 Participant

"Kate gave me the knowledge and tools to help me stop that horrible downward spiral of negative self talk and worry, particularly about my own body. It really was transformative."

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Do you feel stuck in a never ending loop of negative thoughts and critical self talk?

Do you worry and procrastinate on issues and feel like you are going round in circles and never moving forward?

Do you turn to food when you are stressed or sad to manage your emotions as you only know to ignore and push these uncomfortable feelings away?

Then Compassionate Mind Training can help you!

Learn how the human brain has evolved and why this makes us vulnerable to self-criticism, negativity, threat, fear of rejection…and what you can do to thrive in spite of it.

For 2 hours a week over 8 weeks, you will work towards combatting feelings that hold you back. 

Compassionate Mind training helps you to understand more about how our brains have evolved, why this makes us more vulnerable to these threats and that this is not your fault.

You can learn how to respond to your brain in a more helpful way that is going to lead you towards the person you really want to be and the life you want to live!

This course will be a mix of education, guided meditation and imagery exercises to allow you to start to explore your barriers and beliefs about compassion, understand what compassion really means and how this may be a useful approach for you to practice in your life to develop the courage and wisdom to address life’s difficulties and flourish.

I get that people think compassion is soft and fluffy, but it is about much more than bubble baths and candles, it takes strength and commitment to build true compassion.

Compassionate Mind Training has been proven to help with many areas including:

  • Improving your body image and relationship with food
  • Reducing emotional eating
  • Reduce self critical thoughts
  • Overcome feelings of inferiority, particularly when comparing yourself with others
  • Understand and regulate difficult emotions in helpful ways
  • Develop healthier self improvement motivation
  • Build the strength to face your difficulties and cope with challenges
  • Show up for yourself and others

I have worked with lots of people to help them improve the health of their diet and their relationship with food and something that came up time and time again as a barrier to change was a lack of compassion.  As we developed compassion in these clients, their ability to make change, face challenges and maintain the resilience they needed to maintain this change over time.

This led me to train as a Compassionate Mind trainer so I can help more people to develop their  inherent ability for courage, strength and wisdom to be able to support themselves in the way they deserve.

Live weekly group training

Understand your tricky brain and develop the skills and commitment to reduce distress

Small groups of no more than 10 to provide a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable to develop your compassionate mind with like minded people!


Guided Skills Practice

Be guided through mindfulness, imagery and written exercises all designed to channel your compassionate mind



Get lifelong access to recordings and worksheets so you can continue building your compassionate mind long after the course has completed

Week 1:

What is Compassion?

The three pillars of compassion

The three flows of compassion

Why do we need compassion?

Tricky Brains



Week 2: Understanding your three emotion systems

Three system model of emotions

How these three systems are working in your life                                     

How developing compassion may bring the systems in to greater balance

Soothing rhythm breathing & calm place meditation


Week 3:  Developing your inner strengths

 The multiple parts of us

Qualities of the Compassionate Self                                  

Practicing the Compassionate Self


Week 4: Being your compassionate self

Fears, blocks and resistances to compassion

How to develop your Compassionate Self

Directing compassion to others


Week 5: Letting Compassion in

Using memory to receive compassion

Creating your ideal compassionate other

Fear of compassion – from others


Week 6: Showing up for yourself

How developing self-compassion is related to a reduction in threat emotions and stress, an increase in positive emotions and a reduction of self-criticism and rumination

Directing compassion towards ourselves

Fear of self compassion

A moment of Self C.A.R.E

Compassionate Letter Writing


Week 7: Working with your self critic

How self-criticism can maintain and exacerbate our distress and suffering

Understanding our self-criticism

Pattern switching & Compassionate PDA

Bringing your compassionate mind to help your self-critic


Week 8: Directing your compassionate mind

How we are formed of multiple selves

Relating to our different parts with compassion

Pattern switching

Looking forward to the future

I would encourage you to attend the sessions live where ever possible as Compassion is not developed through experiential learning and we will support each other as a group moving through the course, however, if for unforeseen circumstances you will have full access to the audios and materials.

Yes, the course is designed to give you the understanding and tools to develop your resilience through compassion and this can give you a great basis from which to start to support yourself to make change to your health and wellbeing, but if you need support for more specific issues relating to your nutrition, relationship with food or body image then I would be happy to help in my 1:1 clinic. 

The CMT course will have given you a great basis for us to work together from and so this can be a really effective way to start your journey towards food freedom.