Hi. I’m Kate

Registered Nutritionist with the AfN.

It is our vision that women change the way they think about themselves and food so they can fall back in love with the joy of eating without rules and restriction

I’m passionate about debunking the myths and confusion around nutrition to help you fall back in love with the joy of eating.

Nutrition doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’. My bespoke 1:1 advice means I am here to guide you to make changes that are aligned with your values and what makes you feel good.

My extensive NHS experience as a Nurse and Nutritionist gives me a different perspective on nutrition, meaning I always advise achieving long-term health rather than short-term fixes.

By using a common sense approach that is underpinned by the latest science, I will walk alongside you to guide you to reach the goals that you want to achieve helping you to eat well in a realistic, sustainable, and enjoyable way.

Why Should You Work With Me?

Helping You to Flourish

My philosophy is that Nutrition should be about eating without rules or guilt so that you can feel your best and flourish.

Food should bring joy and my bespoke approach means you can explore what good nutrition means to you and your lifestyle.

The comprehensive coaching framework that I follow means that I respect that you are the expert in your own life, this means you can expect:

  • A personalised approach

  • A non-judgemental approach

  • Realistic goal setting based on your values and utilising your unique skills and qualities

Comprehensive coaching does not mean:

  • Quick fixes

  • Me telling you what you must or should do

  • Meal plans

I am trained in Comprehensive Coaching so I use elements of behavioural therapy to help you;

  • Break unwanted nutritional habits and feel in control around food

  • Improve your mindset and stop the negative voice that may be holding you back

  • Stop comparing yourself to others and accept yourself for who are

  • Change from the inside out by building resilience and adaptability

  • Live in accordance to your values

  • Overcome setbacks and face challenges

  • Achieve your goals without compromising your health or well-being

I offer individual advice and corporate well-being, if you would like to work together then please get in touch.