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How we eat can be a very personal issue, so finding the right support is vital. I love to help people to improve the health of their diet and where relevant, their relationship with food, so that you can get on with living the life that you want to live.

My service isn’t about telling you what to eat and when, it is about coaching you to make changes using tools and techniques that will support you. This means it is not a passive process, but requires you to play an active role.

I don’t make meal plans for people as this doesn’t give you the skills to learn how to meal plan yourself and everyone is so different that a standard meal plan may not be right for you and your needs. Instead, I work in a bespoke way, listening to you and helping you to find ways to make nutritional changes that align with your values and fit into your lifestyle.

I can help anyone to improve the health of their diet, but I do specialise in helping people to create a healthier relationship with food, so food can be enjoyed and not something that dominates your life. For example, this service may be of particular support for you if:


  • You have been an on-off dieter for many years and feel frustrated by the vicious cycle this has created.

  • You feel anxious around food or guilt or shame after eating.

  • You often eat emotionally and feel out of control around certain foods

  • You would like to learn how to eat more intuitively so you can learn to trust your bodies internal cues

  • You would like to learn how to eat for health rather than to look a certain way

  • Would like to improve your body image

Please note; This service is not meant for people with active eating disorders as this would require specialist support.

This depends. Some people find change easier than others and some have more changes they want to make, which obviously takes more time. I do recommend a minimum of 3 months as this is probably the shortest length of time that people start to feel meaningful change. If you are working on your relationship with food it is important to know that this takes time. It is also important to make gradual change rather than grand gestures that you can’t maintain in the long run. This is why my coaching package is a 3 month minimum commitment. This is often a starting point and I tend to work with people for longer, with an average of 6-12 months, but some will work with me for much longer. Of course frequency of appointments may reduce as the process progresses.

If you do have a smaller problem to solve then you could buy a pack of 4 sessions and see how things go from there. I will be happy to speak to you and guide you on what I feel will be the most successful approach for you.

Appointments are all online video appointments and so can be conducted from the comfort of your own home.

You will require a one off assessment appointment before we start any coaching as this allows me to get all the required information I will need to be able to advise you safely and effectively. This appointment usually lasts 60-90minutes and is also a video call.

Each follow up appointment is 45minutes and if you are taking the coaching package then these will begin on a weekly basis.

You will be given access to an app where from which all your appointments and payments will be managed. From here you can also journal in your food and mood diary and chat to me through optional check ins throughout the week. You will also get access to your own toolbox which will grow as we work together with worksheets, resources and useful links.

The appointments will be tailored to your needs at that appointment, so there is no one size fits all approach.

The desire to lose weight is an individual decision. I work to help you to focus on your health and wellbeing rather than solely weight as this allows us to approach food with a flexible approach that doesn’t require rules and restriction that can impact on your relationship with food.

If you want to lose weight we will discuss the motivations for this, the risks involved and help you to have realistic expectations around this so you can make an informed choice if this is the right change for you, so you can lose weight in a way that doesn’t mean sacrificing other areas of your life that are of importance to your physical and mental wellbeing.

As losing weight does not automatically mean improved health and body image concerns are often a driver for disordered eating behaviours, I will try to guide and advise you if I feel actively aiming for weight loss could be problematic for you. We can look at other ways that you can make changes and monitor success beyond the scales to give you a flexible and approach to nutrition. This is something that is best discussed on an individual level so book in for a no obligation free discovery call to talk about this further.

I have completed my Masters in Nutrition with Distinction and I am a Registered Nutritionist. This means I am registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) which is the only regulatory body in the UK recognised by the NHS and Public Health England. Maintaining this registration involves staying up to date with the latest nutritional science and acting in an ethical and professional manner. Nutritionist is not a protected title and many people using this label will not be adequately trained to give out nutritional advice, so it is always advisable to look for a nutritionist on the AfN register to ensure your safety.

I was also previously a critical care nurse and therefore hold nearly 20years of healthcare experience in total.

Kate Wall Nutrition is a UK registered company. I do however work with clients from abroad if availability allows once time differences have been accounted for. My most distant client is based in New Zealand. With online nutrition support distance doesn’t have to be a barrier!

I do require clients to be able to speak English as I am not versed in any other languages (sadly!) and good communication is key to this process.

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