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Are You Facing Food Frustrations During Perimenopause and Menopause?

You're Not Alone.

There are so many women that struggle with a changing appetite, weight fluctuation and emotional eating during menopause.

You’re not stuck due to a lack of willpower or because there’s something wrong with you.

As menopause approaches, women’s bodies change, which can lead to low self-esteem, body image changes and self-blame. 121 menopause coaching helps you understand how your body is changing and helps create a healthy relationship with food that works for you.

What if someone met you where you are at with your diet?

121 Menopause Coaching Does That!

We can start a conversation about what is really important to you right now.

What does 121 menopause coaching include?

Our 121 menopause coaching is provided online, so you can get all the benefits of coaching from the comfort of your own home!

121 menopause coaching will help you...

For tailored advice on wellbeing & nutrition during menopause, book a discovery call with me

My philosophy is that nutrition should be about eating without rules or guilt so that you can feel your best and flourish, to support your health and happiness during these hormonal changes and beyond.

Food should bring joy and my personalised approach means you can explore nutrition and what a healthy, balanced diet means to you and your lifestyle. My comprehensive menopause coaching framework means that I respect that you are the expert in your own life.


121 menopause coaching aims to improve your knowledge of what a healthy balanced diety actually means and how you can apply this in a way that works in this particular phase of life.


Regain freedom from constant worries about eating and dieting. We will work together to improve your relationship with food, so you regain balance in your life and have more time to enjoy the things that are important to you.


Perimenopause and menopause is a time of hormonal and health shifts in a woman’s life. During my 121 menopause coaching, we work together to make small sustainable behavioural changes which are aligned with your values and how you want to live your life, helping you improve your health and wellbeing.


Reduce negative self-talk to improve confidence in yourself and the decisions you make.

No shame, no guilt, just real, sustainable change.

Ready to ditch the yo-yo dieting and feel your best during menopause?