Corporate Nutrition

Looking after your employees is looking after your business

Corporate nutrition can help your employees stay healthy, reduce instances of absence and improve productivity.

We spend a lot of our week in our working environment, which is where many of our food decisions take place.

Our environment is key to the decisions we make and therefore the energy and focus we have during our working day.

There aren’t many days where we don’t feel some level of stress at work preventing us from being fully present and focused on our work.

When this stress or inability to manage our emotions is experienced on a regular basis, this can lead to feelings of burnout, disengagement and more days off work.

The link between stress and the way we eat is clear also. Those who feel overwhelmed may often be turning to food as a coping strategy, which can lead them to feel failure, out of control and have health problems, all of which can impact their ability to focus at work.

Why Work With Me?

Competitively priced corporate nutrition support, offering great value for money

Experienced health professional
with NHS experience as a Nutritionist and Nurse

Bespoke service
with guaranteed quality as I discuss, design and deliver all your sessions – no outsourcing!

Registered Nutritionist
with the Association for Nutrition – The only nutrition regulatory body recognised by the NHS and Public Health England

Using the most up to date nutritional and behavior change science to ensure an evidence-based approach – no nutrition quackery!

It's my job is to make nutrition interesting, to capture the attention of your employees. I am passionate about teaching people about the role, food plays in their day-to- day life. There's no preaching or one size fits all approach in my talks. Just an engaging, evidence-based approach to help educate attendees with easy to relate to, practical information to empower and inspire employees to make positive dietary changes while at work to improve the health and happiness of your workforce.

I offer a bespoke service where I can create workplace nutritional content to fit the needs of your business, but suggested popular topics would include:

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What's the Problem?


of workers believe the pandemic has led to employers expecting too much from their employees*


of employees feeling stressed at work and feel their sleep is disturbed thinking about work*


of people reported reaching for unhealthy foods as a comfort when their mood is low or to manage stress

The world has changed forever. Many more of us are working from home, or how we work in the office has changed- this has impacted our eating habits – prioritising health and looking after our workforce is now of paramount importance.

*Health in the workplace: How consumers feel, Mintel 2021)

**Attitudes towards healthy eating- UK Feb Mintel 2021)


Working age people in the UK have health conditions

Healthy Eating

can reduce the risk of chronic illness such as heart disease, stroke, obesity and some cancers

working days lost to sickness absence every year in the UK

Recruitment & Retention


Of employees believe employers have a role in supporting their health & fitness

What's the solution?

World Heath Org. reports adequate Nutrition


20% Productivity

Winners of the workplace
Wellbeing Category
at the SFA Awards 2022,
report 102% Increase in productivity.

These skills will transfer
into the workplace to
ensure efficient and
effective approaches
to workload with a calmer
and clearer mind.


8x More committed

3.5 x More creative & Innovative

Imagine the difference this could make to your business!

Beyond Nutrition

These skills will transfer
into the workplace to
ensure efficient and
effective approaches
to workload with a calmer
and clearer mind.

Nutrition is about much more than what we eat- I help people learn why they eat by understanding how to effectively set goals, overcome obstacles, deal with uncomfortable emotions, recognise and manage stress, mindfulness techniques and much more.

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